From raising pigs to learning new skills, we provide our patients with the means to continue supporting their families.

Looking to give guidance and support, our expert therapists help patients’ families overcome the challenges of XDP together.

We work with a team of dedicated community advocates, who oversee XDP patients within their assigned areas, serving as the link between doctors and patients.

Hoping to lessen the economic burden of dealing with XDP, we offer financial assistance, so patients and their families can focus on recovery and overall well-being.

We strive to raise awareness for XDP, debunking myths, so patients and communities can move past stigmas and stereotypes, and instead focus on healing.

The Sunshine Care Foundation Inc., 2F
The Health Centrum, Teodorica Avenue, Banica, Roxas City, Philippines

The Sunshine Care Foundation Inc.,
Metro Iloilo and Medical Center, Metropolis Avenue, Iloilo City, Philippines

Roxas City +63 917 8414234
Monday-Friday, by appointment only

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