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Against all odds, there’s nothing we can’t do if we put our heads together. No matter how big or how small, every bit of help counts. So come on, let’s go and transform lives.

    From wheelchairs to beds, medicines and sponsorships, we are always grateful for the significant contributions provided by various individuals, groups and companies to assist patients in need. Any donation, in cash or in kind, is greatly appreciated.

    Battling XDP is a team effort, and it's thanks to the generous fundraising initatives of individuals and organizations that we are able to continue our work. Through such events, including awareness campaigns and marathons, we are able to provide ncreased education, medical support, and a nurturing community for XDP patients and their families.

    Caring for our patients means looking at the bigger picture to see the true needs of the community. Because XDP is an adult-onset disease, many times our patients, who were breadwinners, suddenly become unable to care for their children, including sending them to school. But together, we can stop the cycle. With your help, we can provide educational support and scholarships to empower these young minds.

    The Sunshine Care Foundation Inc., 2F
    The Health Centrum, Teodorica Avenue, Banica, Roxas City, Philippines

    The Sunshine Care Foundation Inc.,
    Metro Iloilo and Medical Center, Metropolis Avenue, Iloilo City, Philippines

    Roxas City +63 917 8414234
    Monday-Friday, by appointment only

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