We find HOPE a HOME.

We are a non-profit organization focused on providing clinical care and aid to patients affected with XDP. We fund and promote cutting edge scientific research in order to better understand neurodegenerative diseases, and find effective treatments for XDP through the Collaborative Center for XDP at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

For over five years, the foundation has provided free medical care, organized medical missions, counseled patients and their families, and provided livelihood programs for XDP patients.  Today, we provide free and low cost care for several hundred patients and their families, and continue to reach out to those affected by disease.

Our Mission

To find the CURE for X-Linked Dystonia Parkinsonism.

 To CARE for patients and their families with XDP.

Our Vision

To find the cure for XDP by funding rigorous scientific and medical research in the Philippines and around the world.

To enhance quality of life by providing patients and their families with medical care, economic assistance, and compassionate community support.